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If All Species Nurse is contacted via

e-mail or phone, All Species Nurse reserves the right to transfer services of the client if requested services are not within the scope of practice of an RN, CVT, or Reverend, and may contact those in authority to handle cases if safety is an area of concern.

Fees are the responsibility to the client should the above applies; not to All Species Nurse. 

Please contact up to 24 hours in advance, since All Species Nurse is mobile throughout Arizona. 

Call 602-312-7352 for scheduling, or


​All Species Nurse

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In case of Emergency

ALWAYS Call 911 FIRST!!!

Appointment Requests

    Animal Nursing     (CVT) 


  • Spiritual Counselor 
  • Spiritual healer
  • Spiritual mentor
  • Workshops
  • Weddings 
  • Assists in Investigative services 


​                  Dianne.DeNardo

  • "Dianne is very passionate, responsible, professional and extremely  knowledgeable in so many diverse areas of nursing, in humans, even animals!" --David, Phoenix, AZ

  • "She works well with managing my medical care needs and medications with my doctor. She'll even speak with my pet's veterinarian to help her receive the most optimal care, too!" -- Lucille, Scottsdale, AZ

  • "Not certain how she does it, but she is often accurate in her assessments of my health, proving relevant information that aids my doctor in what to focus on in regards to treating the source of my physical response to my ailments." --Donna, Scottsdale, AZ

Providing Healthcare Services for All Healthcare Providers In Arizona for People and their Pets 

Breath better & feel better knowing there are professionals, like All Species Nurse, that will work with you and collaborate with others that care for families that not only involves humans, but pets, too!!! 

Registered Nursing

  • Management for plan of care for patients at home 
  • Education and consultations
  • Liaison support for patient and health care provider
  • Management and education of medications, nutrition, activities of daily living.
  • Educate health promotion and prevention disease

  • Mentor of new nurses and veterinary technicians
  • Healthcare instructor
  • Patient advocate.
  • Assist families in health care needs
  • Per doctor orders, will provide specialized care