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Ahwatukee Community News:

Vedere Magazine January 2012 Issue 6, Pages 32-33

From Modeling to All Species Nurse (Registered Nurse Specialist and Certified Veterinary Technologist, research and clinical medicine)

I miss you....EVERYDAY! 

​​The sweetness, honor and respect is humbling to All Species Nurse and her devotion to communities:

Her motto is "Kisses from All Species Nurse."

How do you know when you've been kissed by All Species Nurse? 

When you're at a super market, church, community organization, etc., we encourage to do an "Act of Random Kindness" or "ARK, similar to the" Pay It Forward" methods. It's about helping others and demonstrating love and respect for all. 

Oftentimes, you'll hear or a note would be passed to someone that experiences ARK that says: "You've been kissed by All Species Nurse!" 

Only YOU can make a difference in others' lives --throughout the year, not only on Holidays! 
Get Involved; Join a cause! 
And help out members of your community!! 
Everyone could use a helping hand!

WE CAN make a difference; each one of us!

Dedicated to loving memories of

My mom; Susan M. T. Crawford-Ackley, BSN, RN

Step-father; Theodore H. Ackley, 

My dad; Robert Raymond Crawford,


Maternal: Doreen Coffey & John Coffey,

Paternal: Daisy Armstrong & Clarence W. Crawford

Dianne L. DeNardo
Founder, CEO  
All Species Nurse, LLC



All Species Nurse is the brainchild and legacy of Dianne Louise (baptized name "Hope" DeNardo. With a very diverse background in human and animal nursing and as an eclectic ordained minister. Her ambition and drive is an inherited trait and justified by her compassion for everyone. The driving force behind her such ambition due to her eclectic belief systems, healing gifts, honoring ancestors, family dynamics and forever being grateful to the universe in assisting in her efforts that has inspired her since she was a child. She has always observed, participates and demonstrates strong evidence of the same character traits as her mother (also an RN) and strong genetic line. 

She collaborates those with similar goals, philosophies and values. 

Dianne has 20+ years’ experience in veterinary and human nursing and has worked extensively in both clinical and research settings. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master’s in Healthcare Innovation (MHI) degrees from Arizona State University. Dianne is both a Registered Nurse (RN), and a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT), ordained minister of the Fellowship Church (Honored by demonstrating cultural and spiritual studies and ordained through the Fellowship Church). 

She maintains her healthcare & spiritual training and various relevant certifications/licenses in all areas including Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) through the American Heart Association (AHA), Veterinary nutrition, dermatology and Biomedical research.

All Species Nurse and its consulting members have a strong and unique commitment to providing high standards of quality care to the general public to promote mind, body, spiritual and the soul's health and well-being. Interests include educating and consulting with the general public, as well as serving as a catalyst that bridges the gap in communication between patient’s, clients, health care providers, spiritualists and one another. Dianne's experiences and interests have led to her founding of All Species Nurse, LLC, a company that provides these critical services to bolster both human, animal and environmental health and spiritual awareness in efforts to increase well-being of all individuals and their unique needs, regardless of species.

To know Dianne (All Species Nurse) one will experience the difference as she enriches the lives of everyone; humans, animals and the environment. In addition to Dianne's interests, she acknowledges spiritual well-being as an essential component in healing--for the living and the dearly departed. House Blessings and spiritual mentoring, her consultations and spiritual counseling are helpful additions for clients of All Species Nurse. There are many recommendations we provide each individual with, based on the unique needs of the individual or the community's belief systems.

All Species Nurse, LLC (ASN) is a huge advocate for all living things, especially vulnerable human and animal populations and the environment. The biggest encouragement is to "Get Involved; Join a Cause!" to increase awareness and inspire others for ongoing support for various organizations that share common goals. ASN works with multiple non-for profit agencies to accomplish efforts that advocate for all vulnerable populations. 

It is a dream and long term goal for All Species Nurse to work with hospitals around the valley and integrating pets to aid in the promotion of patient well being during their stay at hospitals and their homes. This is separate from pet therapy. Patient's have pets too! Patient healing may be affected if they are worried about their pets, especially if they do not have family members to rely on to care for them. All Species Nurse believes these pets need to be cared for in a cost effective, safe environment and be provided with housing rights on hospital premises, as part of the patients' healing environment. The benefit is obvious: owners that are hospitalized may visit with their pet on the hospital premises, or pets are cared for at the patients' home or other safe place until the patient is discharged and can be reunited with their pets.
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​                  Dianne DeNardo

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All Species Nurse.