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Payment of Services from Above

Initial visit involve Registered Nursing assessments that meet the unique needs of the client involving spiritual counseling, education, consultation of patient's health management and care programs, and safety evaluations of homes upon request by owner for childproof and pet proof environments. What make All Species Nurse unique to other home care services is assessment of pets (licensed as a veterinary technologist and state/national veterinary nurse/technician) and the home environment with assistance to the clients in communication, if needed, per doctor request

o        $125.00/hr/person

Liaison with providers to advocate patient's needs. Primary care Providers may request a nurse specialist, like All Species Nurse, to educate or ongoing medical prescribed instructions to assist patients/clients in their medical treatment necessities, or other prescribed orders as needed
o        $40.00/hr/person
Follow-up visits (within 3 months of initial visit
o        $80.00/hr/person

o        $80/hr/person
Mentoring (life coach)
o        $80.00/hr/person

Spiritual Counseling

o        $60/hr/person


o        $60/hr

Seven visits of spiritual counseling of the couple is required prior to weddings.

 Gas Fee
o        0.60/per mi

Forms, if applicable, will be requested to be filled out by each client:

  • Client Record Release Form 
  • Disclaimer and Release of Liability Claims
  • Health History Questionnaire
  • HIPAA and Privacy Act
  • Policy and Terms of Service

  • Preferences for nursing services are in the client's home, their environment. For safety purposes, tracking of visits for nursing is monitored.

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    Free advice is not provided.

    Please consider phone calls to be an office visit, unless it’s an initial phone call for All Species Nurse Inquiries

    Additional services listed below are a separate cost as quoted below. Payments can be made through PayPal or cashier’s check.

    Package services are involved in the pricing.

    NOTE:***Payment via Pay Pal must be made prior to over the phone services, including texting or Skype.

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