​                  Dianne DeNardo

​All Species Nurse


  • All Species Nurse provides personalized, high quality care to support, promote and educate care for all individuals.
  • Serve as a patient advocate for all species (human and animal) in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. 
  • Promote support for both the hospitalized human patient and their pets until the owner is able to return home.
  • Assist health care paraprofessionals by providing training opportunities and informational resources to ease their development into highly skilled members of the health care providing community.
  • Function as a valuable liaison in research that involves humans and/or animals
  • Educate the community on healthy human, pet and wildlife interactions. 
  • Improve effective communication between patients and health care providers
  • Support the mind, body and spiritual health and well being for the purpose of promoting health and preventing disease in humans and/or animals.


All Species Nurse will be a valued resource that catalyzes the interactions among the patient, employee, and health care provider, and thus enhances the effectiveness of health care.



  • Patients, regardless of species, are not all the same with each having unique qualities that dictate the care needed and the means by which it should be provided.
  • The heart of nursing is to provide service that has the inclusive aim of preventing disease, support the client of prescribed treatments for ailments by their health care provider, promoting healing, and protecting the patient’s psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Education is a tool that must never put down or taken for granted. We are introduced to a framework of ideals from which to build on. Embrace it and learn how to use it to benefit others. Everything is represented by education; not necessarily the degree, but by experience, as well. It's not about self, it's about the needs of the individual(s).
  • A critical attribute of a nurse is flexibility with the willingness to expand functions and skills. This applies to all service professionals
  • Nurses’ roles expand beyond the hospital; health interests and concerns are everywhere and we need to look out for each of them, and each other.


To schedule an appointment, please e-mail: ask@allspeciesnurse.com or call 602-312-7352.